Client Perspective


Michael built my parents’ house 30 years ago. There was no question who was going to build my house. I’ve had a unique behind the scenes look at what it really means to build a home and to get first hand perspective on the difference between a Heine Development Home versus other developers/builders. The differences are astounding. What I've learned is that it’s beyond what you see, and really what you don’t see, that makes a Heine Home great. Michael and a his team are only happy when the job is perfect.
-- B. Gordon

When I have recommended Michael Heine to build someone’s house, here’s how I summed him up - - Michael has the highest integrity and is trustworthy. There’s no reason to go further with any builder if there is any question about their character. 

In terms of his product, Michael is meticulous and uncompromising when it comes to delivering the standard of excellence he has promised the client. He is fair, professional, creative, cost conscience, and a pleasure to work with. Here are some examples. Before I contracted Michael to build our home in Connecticut living 700 miles away in Cincinnati, I asked several of his sub-contractors who were building a house for Michael’s client who was living in England how they felt about the project. To a person they said, “if it’s not perfect, Michael will make us rip it out and start over again. Let me assure you, everything in this house is about as perfect as we can make it.” 

Michael delivered our house on time, on budget, on spec and with the quality that has lasted for over 30 years without any issues. In net, I couldn’t recommend Michael more highly. He has earned and deserves all the praise that he’s received over the years. I have run companies of all sizes ranging up to one billion dollars in sales. My success most importantly has been driven by the people that have worked for me. Michael is on this list.
--Ronald Gordon

It is a pleasure to recommend Michael Heine Development. We have been working with Michael for over 10 years and he has built some of our best, award-winning new homes. Unlike a lot of the current crop of new developers, Michael is first and foremost a true builder. Involved in every aspect of the project construction, he is at the site every day and is very hands on in every project he undertakes. Michael has a thorough understanding of the construction process, and is adept at managing both keeping on schedule and on budget; but even more than that, he pays attention to the smallest details of a project. 

More than just a builder, Michael has a keen design sense and is concerned with building structures that are unique, well-crafted and that are built to last and stand the test of time... that is why we enjoy working with him time and again.
--Paulo Vicente, Vicente Burin Architects